Growing up too fast....

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Why do they have to grow so fast?

Meal time is a whole new challenge in the life of muliples. Mom's tell me that it doesnt necessarily get easier just the challenges are different. Nursing was a piece of cake but to add solid's feeding on top of that has added about an hour more during meal time from start to finish. Gotta set up the "feeding" station which I recently ousted the highchair since they are bulky and replaced it with the small,portable/storeable booster chairs. Then its get the bibs on, mix up the mashed whatever that consist of yellow,purple and green in color and then get them set up, feed and clean up which is another process in itself. But dont they look like they are having fun and enjoying. I started out with fruits so when PEAS were introduced they did not like it and they let me know but after 3 tries of force feeding (j/k) they now like them. Sadie is now my champion eater. She has her mouth open and ready even as she watches the spoon approach trista- its funny to watch. And unlike the picture Sadie is pretty neat when she eats- her bib has very few drops on it. Trista is getting better but she would rather suck her toes in between bites.

Trista is first and Sadie is shown second. We were having prunes that day!

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