Growing up too fast....

Thursday, April 30, 2009

I take my first trip to grandparents house by myself.

Its a three hour trip and the last 30minutes were almost unbearable. They have a 2.5 hour max in the car seats. I thought maybe it was a hunger issue so here I am on the side of the road in the front seat half way from Jackson to dyersburg breastfeeding only to realize that DID NOT solve the fussiness!!I solved the problem by rolling down the windows the last 30 mintues and I could barely hear them!
Last week I started the girls on fruit(banana's,applesauce,pears and prunes)Trista took right to it and loves her Applesauce and Prunes-had to "X" the bananas after there was a "back-up" in the plumbing if you know what I mean!
Sure miss the good ole days of breastmilk diapers!Whew-these now are some serious stuff:)
Went to visit Auntie Larce and Mom and dad this past weekend. Dad loves to see the babies and get so excited. He's doing much better. The speech is still not back but he knows when his grandbabies are there. Mom is doing well- she put in her resignation to take care of dad. Some mixed emotions but she is feeling good about a second retirement.
JuJu could not resist the pink lace dresses with pearled fastened booties and pink bonnets! bet you cant tell who weighs more!

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Meant to tell you, Callie Grace likes green beans and peas. Peas! Imagine what that does to the plumbing, and to the already easily grossed out pregnant woman! :)