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Saturday, March 21, 2009

If you think my hands are full- you should see my heart!

Okay, so I've been asked if being a mom has sunk in. Actually I was telling mom (JuJu) the other day that I still kinda feel like I'm babysitting(and this babysitter just happens to offer breast milk) and the mother has not come to pick the kids up yet:) I really am enjoying staying home with the girls. In the beginning I did get some flack about my nazi schedule and not wanting to give rice cereal(which I found out later has nothing to do with helping them sleep longer)it is finally paying off. I forget that I did not start out with 8lb babies so it will take a little longer for them to sleep thru the night but they are getting close. My day starts about 3:30am with a feeding. They go right back to sleep and wake up at around 8:00am.We hang out in the bed all together minus dad and I read them two books and sing to them. Almost to the minute an hour and half from when they wake they are ready to go back down for a nap(I know the signs) Nap goes from about 9:30 to noon and that's when I get the most done(shower, eat, email, make calls, run errands....haha just kidding)At noon they wake, feed and have tummy time. They are now to the point where they will wait patiently their turn to eat- giving me giggles and smiles and gnawing on their fist. I take them downstairs to the swing and I fix my lunch and eat next to them. Their second nap they sleep about 2.5- 3 hours + or -. Sadie is usually first to awake and last asleep. After second nap its feed and then we go for a walk- that's usually where they take their third nap. They are still in the same crib but that will not be for long. We have them diagonal in the corners cause they are getting longer. The third nap is the shortest nap and will more than likely be the next nap they drop. 5 o'clock they get a little "snack" so they are not as fussy. We use to go thru what I call Infant SUN DOWNERS where they were just fussy for no reason for about 2 hours between 5 and 7. But that is getting better. 6pm is bath time and they are down for the night at 7pm and sleep till 3:30am. And then I do it ALL over again! We like the 7pm bedtime so Chris and I have some time to ourselves and YES- we still get our DATENITE in but its just a tad bit different. Obviously sometimes their are glitches in this system which is understandable with TWO babies but for the most part I handling being home alone since Chris has gone back to work after being Part-time for three months(what a lifesaver that was)

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