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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Carlson Happenings

Who says you cant get out of the house with twins. I decided to take on the challenge of going to lunch at the Chocolate Covered Strawberry with a friend from Church(Carissa Jordan) actually she was the brave one to want to go. After getting their tummy's nice and full I loaded them up for a quick drive(7minutes) up the road. I swung both carriers on one arm to open the door and the lady at the front actually asked if they were real! I told her they are real alright! The girls were angels though. Especially after being there for only 5 minutes Sadie decided to fill her britches. She allowed me to let her stew in it for an hour-I'm sucha bad mom!
We've made two trips to Carolina;)with Chris and I've tackled a couple trips to work with them in each arm. As of right now I will NEVER attempt grocery shopping with them both!I mother of multiples swears that a trip to the grocery store ALONE is like an afternoon at the spa......for now!Uncle Steve comes over often--okay almost every other day but he loves those girls so much.
Sadie is a 10 pounder and Trista is 11. They are cooing and laughing/smiling.Will not introduce rice cereal for a month or so rush- they get all they need from me for now. They slept from 8pm to 5am last night so we are almost there. Pediatrician said they are gaining well for both being breastfed babies.
Sadie found her thumb the past two weeks and they both love gnawing on their fists.
Uncle Jonathan is visiting so many pictures to come.

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