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Monday, February 16, 2009

Smothered in Snuggles and Neck Kisses

They are not lacking for love in this family. Their Auntie Larce and Uncle Steve smother them with tons of love, butt pats and neck kisses.
Auntie Larce spent two weeks with us to help out. I must say it was therapy for me-as most sisters are when they get together-we laughed for 14 days straight! I would stumble to the nursery half asleep only to find Lara already changing and soothing the one crying. And yes many mornings I would feed and then we'd just fall back asleep with them in bed with us. Oh, I know what you're thinking. All I can say is you have NO idea until you have two at the same time.
Our two weeks consisted of lots of laughs, trip to Trader Joes where I fed in the parking lot, a walk around Green Hills mall where we were stopped by every passerby,walks at the park. Even jogged a little the other day while pushing them(that's going to take some time)tons of rocking, snuggling and love. Trista even took her first tumble off the couch-Auntie Larce felt real bad but decided after she was fine and didn't even cry that she would pass on calling me while Chris and I were out to dinner! Thanks Lara for all your help and my wonderful Indian Dinner for my birthday, it was the BEST!- I had so much fun. I even think the girls know you are missing today. WE LOVE YOU!

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