Growing up too fast....

Friday, February 27, 2009

Look how we've changed!

Richard Simmons step aside!
Sadie and Trista are getting their own personality and we are enjoying watching them grow and change. The past two weeks they have recognized themselves in the mirror and are smiling and laughing. Trista is over 8 lbs and Sadie is not far behind. They have one feeding in the middle of night giving me about 6.5 hours sleep in between 7pm when they go bed till 7AM when we wake them up.(the sacrifices we make for breastfed babies- but it is SO worth it). Sounds good huh? well it would be if I actually went to bed when they do but much is to be done after they are down but I wont go thru my list. We just didn't think we could love something so much other than each other. Chris and I have grown closer as a couple especially since having the twins--it requires team work. I am so thankful for his help with feeding, changing, burping and swaddling-he's the king of swaddling. As most of you know I have the best photographer at my fingertips. Look at these cuties-if I must say so myself. Benjamin get ready cause these girls are gonna give you a run for you money:)
Granddad Thurmond really enjoyed them smiling at him last weekend when we went to visit too.


Prentices said...

They ARE gorgeous! If you're referring to my Benjamin, then you tell your girls to look out - he'll be coming for them in a few years! (OK, several...relax Chris!)

Glad you're getting some sleep!

Audrey said...

They are SO beautiful. You look terrific, Amber!