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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Update on the Carlson Family

Well, it has been 5 weeks tomorrow since our lives have been permanently altered, I like to think for the better, but I am biased. We have learned a few things since these little bundle of joys have entered our lives: 1. we thought that time was flying before kids...... 2. we have come to the reality that 1 baby would still be a challenge, BUT, two is a challenge you'll never know until you go through it yourself, MAD PROPS to those who have raised twins...... 3. it no longer matters what your house looks like, or you for that matter....... 4. what the heck is sleep?....... 5. diapers are like water with two, 20-25 a day!...... 5. the dog becomes a dog and not your child, and unfortunately he knows it now, not depressed, but much more calm...... 6. updating your blog, or checking emails, or answering your phone doesn't happen...... 7. and of course the days of jumping in the car and heading out on a whim are over for a while, and on and on. It is all worth it though when they are looking you right in the eyes and smile out of the blue.
We have had our share of sleepless nights, but that is getting better, it is just quite a process feeding two, and getting them back down without waking the other. They already have little traits that are unique to each one. It will be so interesting to see how their personalities change. We cant take enough pictures right now, and those who know me and can imagine.....I will be filling up hard drives right and left. We are really enjoying them and having fun, wouldn't trade either one for anything, love them both dearly.
Also want to send out a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has brought food by, or gift cards for restaurants, it has been a HUGE help, I think we have yet to fix a main dish. I am keeping Amber fed well with all of it, and only have to make her breakfast. So THANK YOU. Also thank you to all of our babysitters, Mimi, Juju, great aunt Faye, uncle Steve, Cecil, Lindsey, Erica, and more. We are still learning as we go, but getting the hang of it. Hope you enjoy the pics.

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Prentices said...

Of course you have gorgeous pictures of them - how wonderful to have a photographer for a daddy!

As I've said before, if anyone can handle twins, it would be you two. I know you're doing an amazing job with your two little girls...who didn't seem to take too long wrapping you around their little fingers, Mr. Carlson!