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Monday, January 26, 2009

First trip away from home to see Grandad Thurmond and JuJu

The girls finally got to meet their Grandad Thurmond for the first time and some of their cousins in Dyersburg. Amber also was finally able to see him for the first time since the stroke. It has been 90 days since the stroke and Dad is doing much better. His motor skills are much better, though not completely stable, he can walk fairly well, feed himself just fine, and responds to everything you say as if he knows exactly what you are saying with facial expressions, snapping his fingers to let you know he agrees, he just cant quite get his speech down yet. He can get out very clearly, "I love you", and that is what he says for everything he wants to say. It is almost as if in his mind he is talking to you normally, but his mouth speeks " I love you ". We took the girls to their fist church experience and this is where Dad got to meet them for the first time after anticipating their arrival for a long time. He was overcome with emotion and wept out loud during the service when he saw them. It was a very touching moment. He knew exactly who they were, and when he only saw one, he motioned as if to say "where is the other one". So his mind is very sharp, just needs to get the speech down. It was good to see him, he was able to stay with us and the girls all day Saturday, and went back to the rehab facility about 8PM. We headed back Sunday afternoon, and the girls did great on their first trip to and from Dyersburg, slept for 3 hours each way!

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