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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

They finally made it!

Amber and I arrived at Hendersonville Hospital at 6 AM Monday Dec. 15. Right away the doctor broke her water and the pitocin started doing its job. She was already dialated 1cm when we came in, and the contractions started. The nurse would slowly increase the pitocin and the contractions would slowly get worse. At noon we started to wonder how long this was really gonna take seeing as how she was only dialated to 2cm at this point. At 6PM, 12 hours into it, the doctor finally mentioned c-section for the first time. Amber was very adimate about not having to go that route if we didn't need to. 8PM she was dialted to 3 1/2cm and the doctor went ahead and ordered the epidural thinking that might speed things up. For some reason the contractions fell off after that. And finally at 17 hours into it with the advice of the doctor, Amber realized that she had done the best she could and we needed to get the babies out. So to the operating room we went and within 20 minutes Sadie Glenn Carlson entered the world at 10:52PM weighing in at 5lbs 12oz 18in, and then Trista Lee Carlson at 10:53PM weighing in at 6lbs 2oz 19in. It took about 28 minutes for the team of which brother in law Gavin Carter was a part of (was nice to have some family there) to button her all back up. The babies checked out with all of their fingers and toes in tact. Perfectly healthy and perfect in every way. Trista is an exact replica of Amber as a baby, and Sadie is almost a replica of myself, so needless to say we wont have to figure out a way to tell them apart. We had lots of family here to welcome the little ones into existence, and we were happy they could experience this with us. Hope you enjoy the pictures, and we will update as we can, Chris


Audrey said...

THEY ARE GORGEOUS!!! Congratulations, Carlsons!

Audrey & family

Prentices said...

Yay - congratulations! So happy they're here. Thanks for posting pictures already! Hope everyone is feeling great; talk to you soon!

Michael and Jess said...

They are just BEAUTIFUL!!

We were so excited to hear the news from their proud Uncle Jon last night. Wish you the best as you prepare to go home as a new family of four. Congratulations!

christinegroves said...

Congratulations Amber and Chris! Sadie and Trista are delightful. You should be very proud. And going over 38 weeks, you rock, Amber!

I'll be sharing your fantastic news with our twins club. If you have a particular photo you would like to share with them, please let me know.

Best wishes as you all embark on a most beautiful journey!

Chris, Gary, Kyle & Shane

Rashel said...

We are totally excited for you guys! Your daughters are beautiful and I love Sadie's dimples. You did a terrific job, Amber and I am very proud of you. It's amazing to go from no kids to 2 kids!! Now we both have a family of four. We are glad you caught up to us! Ha-Ha!! :)

Try to rest as much as you can.

We love you all 4 of you!

Cousin Rashel

Laura's Life said...

Oh Amber and Chris! I am so exited for you both. They are amazing little gifts from God. I can't wait to meet them. Love ya!