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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I'M alive....this note will be short and sweet

They girls had their first check up Yesterday thanks to the help of UNCLE Steve getting us there(Chris had to work) They are doing great. Trista is cleared up of Jaundice but has passed it on to Sadie. Count came back low and doctor is not concerned- evidently very common to pass this off when its twins.
I am recovering slowly. Actually my babies were healthier than i was after birth. I am slowing feeling better. I spiked a temp after surgery, then my blood count was really low and they thought I might have a bladder infection which could go to my kidneys so that was closely watched. I am feeling much better and feedings are going well(breast pumping and feeding) but that is worth another blog. I am looking over at them and just counting the minutes I have till they are ready to eat again. Today is the first day that I am juggling them by myself till help comes a noon. I must say I am doing okay.
Thank you all for your support and love, food, calls and emails. Chris has been keeping me updated and keeping the blog updated.
I am just so in love with them and never thought I could feel so much joy. Although my hormones are ragging (cried lots the first 24 hours-poor Chris) but now I cry just looking at them and cannot believe that their ours and we made them.
I also love watching Chris be a dad,- that makes me cry to.:)
What an awesome gift that GOD has given us!
Much love to all.
Amber Carlson- mother of twin girls Sadie and Trista

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Carissa J said...

Oh you dear girl! I'm so happy for you. Keeping you in our prayers. . .