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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Home Bodies

FINALLY!! It seemed like the hospital was becoming our home. Amber had to get her blood count up a bit more before we could leave. And Trista has a little bit of jaundice, which she will go back Monday for a re-check. It is fairly common for newborns to have this, but we are taking precaution and asking to give them a bit more time before meeting them. They cant wait to meet everyone, but we just want to make sure they are in tip top shape first. The nurses treated us royally and we got VIP treatment and never had to leave our huge deluxe room since we are related to the infamus Gavin Carter who all of our nurses work with. We really lucked out not having to moove to one of the smaller rooms after the first night. Dr. Branson did a great job with Amber during the whole birthing process. We really had a great experience while we were there. We packed up house and headed for home. The girls did great with their fist car ride. We found that this will be a good way to get them to sleep. They did fairly good their first night home. We had some really good friends visiting that were lifesavers all weekend and actually stayed with Amber 1 night so I could experience what real sleep was once again. Thank you to the Landers, we owe you. Saide and Trista met Rocky for the first time, and he has been really good with them. Rocky is real timid when he is around them and perks his ears every time they make a noise. I think he is going to be looking out for them as they grow. We are still trying to find a groove for the night feeding, had a really good night Saturday, they girls were introduced to bottles after pumping, and that proved to save Mom some time feeding, and some much needed sleep. We are learning as we go and have already learned that 1 would be a breeze. Amber is healing slowly but steadily. She is literally a milk machine right now, she is amazing! We are so happy to be home, and excited about this new phase in our life.

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Prentices said...

That picture of Rocky looking in the pack n play is so cute! What a good boy. :)

So glad that you had a good experience and everyone's doing well. They're so sweet and small!

Merry merry Christmas!