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Sunday, December 14, 2008

3 Full Moons, Castor Oil and "Afternoon Delights" still no babies

Boy have I gotten the pressure these past few days- I realized I was not the only one that wants these babies to come. With walking,3 Full moons and "afternoon Delights" not working these babies are proving already to be stubborn.
Castor Oil...oh my goodness that stuff got everything out BUT babies but at least I feel empty. Thank you all for your comments. The tears that flowed were tears of anxiety,happiness and fear all wrapped up. Now I put my faith in God that things will go well. Anxiously waiting......much love to all.

PS: quick note on dad. he's been transferred to a new Nursing Rehab facility for a month and then will return home. He's walking(a little unsteady) but is walking his own. Mom told him the babies will be here Monday(or Tuesday) and he got a big grin on his face and his eyes got really wide. Cant wait for him to meet them.


christinegroves said...

We're here for you should you need anything at all, just call 310-9636.

You should be very proud - you've done such a good job! Can't wait to meet your sweet baby girls.

Sending you lots of love from your POTATO friends, Chris, Gary, Kyle & Shane.

Rashel said...

You are so brave and doing so good, Amber! I know this is tough because it is your first time and your hormones are totally out of whack!! You know, what? God does have everything under control and these sweet baby girls will be in your arms tomorrow! Good luck and happy epidural!! I wish you a perfect delivery. We love you guys!!

You are in our prayers,

Rashel & Matt :)