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Thursday, December 18, 2008

3 days new

Trista and Sadie are doing great! They sleep perfectly, and when they start to squirm a little bit, its time to eat, and after eating, they go right back to sleep. We feel pretty lucky so far, not to say our luck might run out on the quiet side of things, we are very happy. Sadie is starting to catch up with Trista in weight, so her cheeks are starting to fill out which is making her look more like Trista. I can still easily tell them apart, but it might get harder the more they fill out. We did find out that they are fraternal and not identical twins, of course this does not mean that they won't look the same. We are already finding that they both have different tastes, Trista has to be cold and mad to stay awake and feed, and Sadie likes to stay bundled up to feed. Speaking of feeding, they are eating great, breast feeding is going perfectly, they already starting getting actual milk yesterday after finishing the colostrum. Amber is doing good also. She got a little bit of a bladder infection after the c-section, and was anemic, so we have had to stay about a day more than we would have if it wasn't for trying to get her blood count and iron back up. She is up and walking around though, slowly, but she's up. Got her first shower yesterday, and food, so she is anxious to get home. We should be able to go home this evening, but possibly Friday. That's about it for now, will keep you updated.

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Rashel said...

Your daughters are so beautiful! What precious miracles. I love your pics and I am so happy breastfeeding is going well.

Love you,

Rashel :)