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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Dad's Delay to move to Rehab in Nashville

We started the paperwork process last Thursday and as you know waiting on Doctors and all the right paperwork to get done was a drawn out process. After many persistent calls to the Case Manager at the Rehab Facility at Vanderbilt they will be reassessing dad in 2 weeks to see if more progress has taken place. The nurse practitioner said he was functioning at too low a level to be able to participate and get full benefit with inpatient acute rehab. We were all every disappointed but my friend did make a good point that he needs to be at a high enough level in order to take full advantage of the therapy since its so intense and only lasting 4 weeks.
Mom said dad gets very agitated with mom when she leaves at night. Mom said it is so hard to leave especially not knowing what exactly he's trying to tell her. We are trying to reiterate to him that he is not staying there but that he has to be more independent in certain areas in order for him to progress on his own at home.
I so wish I could be more of help and am still holding out that he is able to come in two weeks but I know my time is running out also. Dad is able to follow more commands and knows what is going on but certain things don't come together. If you hand him something he knows right what to do with it but if you tell him to wave or touch his nose he looks at you with a blank stare. However he was able to answer the other day with blinking his eyes 1X for yes and 2x for no which has not been able to do in the past. Also he actually lifted his right leg and crossed it over his left. Boy, the things we take for granted!
Thank you all for your prayers and continued support- mom needs it more than ever! Mom has read all the cards to dad each night. Because some of you have asked for mom and dad's address here it is: 1692 VIAR RD. DYERSBURG, TN 38204
Also, ironically my granddad(dad's dad- Roy Thurmon) turns 94 today!

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