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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dad took a bad fall...

Dear Family and Friends:

I am feeling guilty that I have not written or returned your phone calls, but Amber and Stephen have saved the day by keeping you updated on Jim's condition. Please be assured that I think of all of you so often and wish I could talk to each one personally. This past month has been a living nightmare and I keep feeling that I will awaken and it was just a bad dream.
It was only a month ago this past Friday that Jim had the stroke. He is still unable to speak or walk, but has made significant improvements each day, for which we are thankful.
He was transferred from Jackson Hospital on October 21 to the Dyersburg Rehab Center and has done considerably well, we thought. He has taken two bad falls from his wheel chair, but no damage done. He keeps writing on the board to the nurses "JET". They called me to ask if he was "wanting to JET out of the rehab center"? I laughed and told them that was his initals for James Earl Thurmond. I have felt so good about his progress and see him everyday making strides towards improvements. Today I got a call from the Center telling me that Jim taken another fall and they were sending him to the ER. When I arrived he was on a stretcher, with neck brace and head wrapped in a non moveable band. They were afraid his neck was broken. X-rays and catscan showed no brokern bones, for which we are grateful, but the Docotor came back and said they wanted him to go back to Jackson, where he was in critical care for 10 days. This is where they had done the first catscan and the Dyersburg Docotr's felt the doctor's in Jackson, who waited on his before, would know more about his condition. He was taken by ambulance tonight around 8:30 p.m. I will be there in the moring at 7 to talk with the neurosurgeon to see if there was a new bleed from this most recent fall. I truly believe God isn't through with Jim yet and solicite your continued prayers on his behalf. He was to go to Vanderbilt this coming Monday for extensive rehab on speech and his right leg and arm. We are hoping he will still be able to do this. I feel this isn't a new bleed, because I believe he would have not been coherent as he was when he left the hospital tonight. He will most likely be very sore in the morning.
Thank you for your support and continued prayers on his behalf.

With love to all of you,

Judy and Children

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