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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dad Finally At Rehab

Well, I guess it took him taking a hard to fall to get him into Rehab.
After going to the ER they decided to send him to Jackson since that's where he was seen last. They did an MRI and thank goodness he had no broken bones and was acting his usual self. They were going to send him back to the nursing home facility until my mom said she did not want him to go back there. The case manager actually suggested a Rehab facility in UNION CITY, TN about 50 minutes from Mom- which is not much help to her BUT they are very aggressive with their therapy. In the beginning we didn't entertain that as an option since we were told it was a Knee/Hip replacements rehab facility but the case manager said they specialize in stroke and are under the "umbrella" of Stallworth Vanderbilt. So, that's where dad went last night and will start a full screen of evaluations on him with emphasises on Speech this morning. We are so glad- I know its not here but at least he's getting more aggressive therapy and they told mom not to come until after 3:30 so she will not feel like she has to go every meal. When mom told dad where he was going he smiled with relief! Thank you all for continued prayers- we are just taking this one day at a time.
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