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Monday, November 24, 2008

We made it! 35 Weeks!

I needed to get thru 35 weeks to try and avoid the NICU at Centennial and to be able to deliver at our local hospital. Now I just really hope to make it to Wednesday(the 26th) so I can get my 1 hour reflexology massage:) Babies are over 5 lbs each and still moving quite a bit. Ankles and hands are swelling a bit but I am trying to really watch my sodium intake and drink water- its not really working. I am ready but I know the longer they stay in the better so lets get thru this week.
Dont be confused by the Christmas tree- we know its not even THANKSGIVING yet but we are trying to be ahead of the game.
A few things I will miss about being pregnant:
1.My nightly foot rubs from Chris
2.My "honey do" list got done LOTS faster:)
3.Getting to watch every episode of Take Home Chef and Oprah
4. Feeling the babies move!

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Prentices said...

Amber, I am so so proud of you for making it this long (especially under the stress of your dad's recovery).

You look beautiful, and I know you and Chris are ready to meet these babies! I am PRAYING that you are able to get comfortable, that the swelling goes down and that you are able to rest...while you still can.;)