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Friday, October 24, 2008

Update on Dad

Yesterday I sat down and wrote for about 20 minutes only to realize the site was down and I did not save along the way. So I will try again.
At this point in pregnancy two weeks flies by and I am rejoicing that I have made it 31 weeks! But two weeks ago today was when dad had his stroke and the days just drag on. Getting updates from Lara each day is hopeful and yes at times we've had to chuckle at the funny things dad has done. He's been getting about three hours of therapy a day at the Skilled Nursing Facility(nursing home) and Lara feels hopeful with the work they are doing. Mom is back to work and comes at lunch and in the evening. It is convenient but we (lara and I) know that he needs to be at a more aggressive rehab. After working at a SNF for 5 years I have seen the good, bad and the ugly but both facilites I worked at had excellent therapists and I can only hope for the same there. Lara said it is diffucult to watch. Dad is not in a private room and we wonder what his thoughts are as he glances over to see a 90 year old dementia patient speechless or cursing like a sailor. His eating and swallowing is improving but with some help. He has to lean his head to the left since that is where he feels the food and knows to swallow. Lara went to WalMart and bought a dry eraser board and large letters. She scrambled his name on the board and he put the letters J-A-E-M-S in order. Lara told him it was incorrect and he switched the M and the E to get it right. Anything put in his hand has to be watched because within minutes he thinks it's edible and will put it in his mouth.
So often we think we are far off from having to take care of our parents and really we should be. We did know that dad's conditoin was shaky even weeks before his stroke but you just never think it's going to happen.
As most of you know Dad had quiet the little farm but with winter coming and mom having to spend most of her time after work with dad the animals are being sold. Although mom did feel guilty I told her that those are things that can all be replaced and she does not need anything else on her plate.

Thank you for all your continued calls,emails and support. Dad loves to get cards and smile everytime mom tells him who has called or written. Some of you have asked mom's address also: 1692 Viar Rd. Dyersburg, TN 38024
Much Love,AMBER

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