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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Update On Dad

Since mom is 40 miles from home and has been so blessed with calls and emails I hope this site helps with dads updates.
Six days seems like an eternity when every minute counts. Lara keeps us updated daily. I feel guilty for not being there but doctor has said he does not want me that far and I have to know that dad would want the same. After all he's the only GRANDpa for these girls!
Here is an update:
He is finally off the IV for his BP and they have him on insulin and patch/oral meds for BP. BP and Blood sugar are stable for now and he was moved to a regular room. We do know that the severity of the stroke may have been prevented if Dyersburg Hosp. had done a CT scan before giving him the TPA shot but obviously cant do anything about it now so we just pray he continues to progress. Even the Neurologist said she was amazed at how well he is doing and the ICU nurses see the determination in him. Ultimately it is up to dad and you can tell he's trying hard.
He's eating much better. Still a little unsure what to do with water so thickener is added to all liquids to help him get it down. He's enjoying fruit juices and meals mom and lara are preparing for him at the hospitality house they are staying in near the hospital. He's feeding himself. Lara reads the Bible to him every morning and every evening. He looks at the bible but we are unsure of how much he comprehends.
Lara was leaving on Wed. night and leaned over and kissed him and asked him to give her a kiss and he puckered his lips (which he could not do the day before) and gave her a kiss on the cheek. She then told him she loved him and waited. It was a delay but he opened his mouth and got the word "I" out. Lara said you could tell he was trying to say more but we are happy with at least one word. Mom just told me today that he was able to nod his head no - we've been trying to get him to do that for almost 5 days. He knows what he wants and what he doesn't want but the communication is the only thing lacking but he's finding other ways to let us know.
Now that he's in a reg. room we hope that ST,OT and PT will start working with him aggressively.
Still no movement on his right side. They put a brace on his right arm yesterday to help straighten it and loosen it up. Dad has been straightening his own fingers and pushing his arm down with his strong left side.
We thank each and every one that has written, called and kept us in your Prayers.
Much love,


Carter Clan said...

It was good to hear the update and progression of your dad. It did bring tears to me remembering similar
situations of my dad. Stay strong for him is all I can say. I am so glad he seems to be improving. It may feel like a roller coaster, but stay strong. I pray for him and your family all throughout the day. Much love, Erin

Prentices said...

So glad to hear of the progress, Amber - every small improvement is getting him another step towards the full recovery we are all praying for and know that our God is capable of providing in your dad.

Take care of yourself, and you're right, Rocky better enjoy being the center of attention as long as he can! (Zoe can answer any questions he has about his fading limelight.)

lindaoverton said...

Dear Amber,
We are praying for your dad morning and night.
Sharon Lee and I spent Tuesday with your Mom and Lara.Your Dad ws glad to see us. He really wanted to be able to talk.
I wrote a note telling you updates of Melissa and Heather-could not retreive it after not hving a password for google-will write more when I see if this works.
Much love and appreciation for you and your family,
Linda Overton
I'm so pleased you're having twins-it's the most special gift your parents can have

John P. Davis, Jr. said...

Please tell JET-FLI that John Davis
Billy Griffith, and Ernie Hall are
pulling for him.Also let him know that I was ordained as an Elder

John Davis