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Monday, October 27, 2008

Hard to leave

Lara left yesterday to head home and it was hard to leave. Dad has had extra therapy thanks to Lara, Angel and Mom who have been working with him at the Skilled Facility inbetween his scheduled therapy.
He's sitting up on his own and calling him on the phone tends to stimulate his communicative side as you can tell he is trying so hard to talk back. Stephen and Jonathan will go over for the weekend and Jonathan will stay part if not all of next week. We are hoping that by the end of the week he can tolerate 3 hours of therapy since that is all he needs to be able to do to get into an acute rehab place possibly here in Nashville. We know that the more independent he is the happier he'll be and most definitely better off mom will be. He's much more aware of his surroundings. Mom said it takes about 15 minutest to leave in the evening cause he does not want her to go. Everyday we see improvement but doctor says it could be up to 6 months before we know how much of his independence he'll get back. Speech is still an issue but he did say "Judy" this past week and the speech therapist will begin working with him on Tuesday. His catheter was removed which brings on another obsticle to relearn but we hope that will come with time. His blood sugar and blood pressure have been great. Dad is very determined which will play a huge part in his recovery.
he's sitting up on his own, feeding himself pretty good but following commands is still going to take time. It's amazing how some things he gets and some things he doesnt. Lara handed him her sunglasses and asked him "what do you do with these" and he put them on and knew where they went- same thing if you hand him a shirt with buttons- he'll work for 30 minutes making sure each button is lined up and buttoned. Still not much movement on the right side. He has moved his R leg and R hand but it takes a lot of effort and we are not sure if its a twitch or him actually moving it, we know that will take time also. Lara says she is hopeful for his recovery and she see's the progress he is making. Thank you to all who follow the blog and have kept us all in your thoughts and prayers. much love,(photo taken a few days ago)

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lindaoverton said...

Dear Amber,
Thank you for keeping us posted with updates on your Dad.
I had been out of town for Melissa"s 37th birthday.However, the most exciting part is Emily their 2 year old daughter-our only grandchild. She is such a wonderful blessing.
I pray for your Dad and for your family each morning. I know your emotions with pregnancy ,trying to take care of yourself and babies and worry for your parents is difficult.
Thank you for the addresses.
Linda (Shook) Overton