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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dad's long road of therapy

Today dad will move to a Skilled Nursing Facility. According to the Rehab Doctor in he hospital he does not meet the criteria for their advanced therapy which we were all disappointed about. He will be going to a SNF in Dyersburg about 5 minutes from mom's work where therapist there will start to work with him a few hours a day. Once he can sit up on his own and follow commands we will have him moved to a more aggressive rehab facility. The rehab doctor said it could be a very long and slow road to recovery but dad is very determined-we can tell. Please continue to keep mom and and dad both in your prayers. The address where dad will be staying is 1900 Parr Ave. Dyersburg TN 38024 for those that would like to send cards.
Much appreciation and love to all our friends and family that have shown their support the past coulple weeks and months ahead.

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