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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Womb Mates

Getting pregnant was definitely harder than we thought but we really were in no rush.
We did only try for three months.
April 19th was when that little pink line showed up. The first 5 weeks were GREAT. By week 6 I was not feeling so hot and anything after that till now, week 15, has been just shy of miserable! Chris has been so good about wanting to go to every doctors appointment with me. Awe! Even the pap smear one :). I could feel him squirm in the chair. It was then that the doctor went ahead and set me up for an ultrasound at 9 weeks-way earlier than usual but he said my uterus seemed larger than normal and he wanted to make sure my due date was correct.
Ultra Sound done on May 29, 2008 and sure enough. All the questions got answered as to why I was SO SICK and my uterus was larger than normal. TWINS! I think camera's need to be in those rooms when a couple is told they are having twins. My first thought was- "oh boy, now I'm really nervous". And my second thought was "that is two of everything and I am going to be HUGE"! Wow, what a miracle to see those two tiny heartbeats just going crazy! Of course I cried.
Cant wait to go back in 4 weeks to find out the sex, we cannot wait. So, until then......

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